About Us

Company Overview

“Potentia” – meaning “Power”, is the Latin root word for “Potential”. Potentia Human Resources has one priority – Helping people, and organizations, reach their full potential through embracing the power of possibility. When you focus on the people in your organization, invest in their development, your business will thrive.  As Margaret Hefernan states, “Companies don’t have ideas, only people do.  And what motivates people are the bonds of loyalty and trust they develop around each other.”  At Potentia, we specialize in supporting organizations in their journey to optimize their workforce by recommending progressive people and foundational HR practices that result in fully engaged and psychologically safe workplaces.  

Meet The Team

With over 100 years of combined management, operations and strategic Human Resource experience in many sectors including professional services, construction, health care, manufacturing, winery, hospitality and not-for-profit (to name a few), you can count on us to take a progressive and innovative approach to people and culture; your organization’s greatest resource.

Our Purpose

Helping people, and organizations
reach their full potential through
exploring the POWER of possibility.

Our Values


We are gracious, inspired individuals who believe that positive experiences and interactions impact workplaces in a significant way.


We persevere, see things through, and are not afraid to stretch and embrace a challenge in order to achieve optimal results.


We are honest, accountable, committed, and consistent in our approach to ethical principles and practice.


We believe that we are better together and go above and beyond to achieve excellence.


Trust is at the foundation of who we are, how we interact with each other, and how we interact with our clients. We are accessible, deliver on our promises, and support the organizations that we serve in doing what is best for them.