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Resilience & Thriving Workshop

Resilience & Thriving Workshop

This new 2-hour workshop provides easy to use practical skills for identifying and reducing stress at home and work.  Given the current business landscape and challenges, this training has provided to be an effective tool used in many industries; bringing employees together to learn how to use stress as a positive resource for resilience and thriving.  Content includes exploring effective and ineffective coping strategies, identify early and later warning signs of poor coping and ways to address or get help, and utilizing an 8-page workshop with self-assessments and exercises to engage participants in active adult learning.

In studies using the training, participants were found to have reduced stress 12 months after the training (compared to a control group), displayed increase confidence in one’s ability to keep stress from negatively affecting work performance, increased ability to recognize unhealthy coping habits and correct these habits, increased confidence in being able to effectively evaluate and address stressors in one’s life, and increased recognition of internal resources (healthy habits) to keep stress from building up.

Other benefits include increased teamwork and better understanding, compassion and sense of camaraderie amongst coworkers.


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