Louis-Philippe (LP) Lavoie

Louis-Philippe (LP) is a driven HR professional who is adaptable and can support a wide variety of clients on strategic and tactical HR initiatives thanks to his diverse experience in both the private and public sector throughout Canada, in both English and French.  In addition to creating and implementing value-add HR processes and best practices, LP is passionate about training people leaders and empowering them to create an exceptional employee experience.

After completing his Honours BA in Psychology and earning his Post-Graduate Certificate in Human Resources Management, LP moved out West from Montreal to pursue an active outdoor lifestyle.  Outside of work, he has given back to the community by guest speaking for UBCO’s Faculty of Management and engaging in volunteer activities for a wide variety of causes.

When working with LP, you’ll find him easy to communicate with and he’ll have your business’s best interest at heart.  Being an entrepreneur himself, he can build trust quickly with clients by understanding and identifying their needs and opportunities and implementing tangible solutions rapidly.   

LP’s friendly and approachable nature, coupled with his desire to empower others with the confidence and tools to make sound decisions with confidence, makes him a strong business partner with a foundation on which to build and scale your business.