Brie Elson

With a background in Business Management and Entrepreneurship and over 16 years’ experience as a Director of Operations and Business Development Specialist, Brie’s passion is building, equipping, and supporting companies for success.

Project planning, and leading strategic initiatives is something Brie is very committed to. She strives to empower business owners and leaders to trust in their capabilities, take hold of the trajectory of their company and reach their ultimate potential.

Brie is a proponent of the power of positive change and has a successful track record of the implementation and management of change.

She understands and employs the capacity of team development and relationship building through effective communication and problem solving.

Brie consistently evaluates the organizational design and classification of positions, programs, departments, and the business as a whole, often implementing organization wide policies, strategies and procedures. She believes the culture and internal climate of a team is a key factor and requires a long-term strategy and strong mediation, conflict resolution and change management skills.

Brie’s extensive experience recruiting talented team members is evident in her success rate of connecting the right people to the right opportunities. She has experience recruiting locally and internationally and has succeeded in many LMIA processes over the years.

When working with Brie, you can expect to feel her positive energy and trust her ability to analyze situations logically and problem solve systematically, all the while supporting people with kindness and compassion.